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Pest Control in Montgomery County

Terminating Montgomery County Pests for Over a Decade

Termites aren't the only pests that can cause major damage to your home. Other insects and animals that pose a threat to your family and structure include:

  • Spiders - Can bite and cause serious medical issues
  • Moths & Flies – Can eat fibers & fabrics and can contaminate your food
  • Silverfish – Can eat anything fibrous, including wallpaper, books, food, & fabrics
  • Fleas – Can feed on the blood of mammals, as well as transmit diseases
  • Scorpions – Can have a painful & sometimes fatal sting
  • Cockroaches – Can ruin books, wallpaper, & fabrics, as well as contaminate food
  • Ants – Can infest your home, including food supplies

The Pest Control Club Guarantee

With Pest Control Club, we send an experienced technician--not a salesman--to assess your pest problem and give you a free estimate for our pest control services. If anyone offers you a lower price, we'll beat their estimate by 10%. To schedule a free estimate, contact us at (301) 528-2550!

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Free Estimates & Same Day Service

(301) 528-2550