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If you get a quote lower than our estimate, we will beat that estimate by 10%. That's the Pest Control Club guarantee.
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Pest Control Club

Serving The Metropolitan Area Since 1999

At Pest Control Club, our team is committed to providing outstanding customer service. As a family owned and operated company, we run our business as we see fit, which means we personally care about our customers and do not try to sell you anything you do not need.


We don’t “bait and switch” our prices and services. Our team is straightforward about our prices and will never charge you more than what we originally discussed. At Pest Control Club, we want you to be happy with our services, so we only give our expert, honest opinions about the best way resolve your pest problem. If you want to schedule a service, please call (301) 528-2550!

Exterminator in work wear spraying pesticide with sprayer.
Pest Control Garden Spraying

When you hire Pest Control Club, you are receiving:

We Guarantee the Lowest Prices in the Metropolitan Area

We are a corporation of expert technicians, meaning all of our technicians have more than 20 years of experience. You will never have a salesperson sent to your home—we only send someone that we trust to do the job right. 


In fact, we don’t even have salespeople on our payroll. This not only ensures you will receive an expert pest control technician, but it also means our rates are the lowest in the business. No extra costs for us means no extra costs for you. When we give you an estimate, you can rest assured that we’re giving you the lowest price possible. 


If anyone quotes lower than our estimate, we will beat that estimate by 10%. That’s the Pest Control Club guarantee.

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Our pest control services can eliminate:

What Our Clients Are Saying About Our Service

To schedule your service, contact Pest Control Club at 301-528-2550!