Trapping & Exclusion

Trapping & Removal


We offer wildlife trapping and removal of skunks, groundhogs, raccoons, squirrels, bats and birds.  Humane traps are efficiently placed and monitored in a timely manner.  Captured animals are then removed from the property and relocated.  Contact our office for availability in your area.



Once the Wildlife Professional has inspected the property for any potential access points, it’s time to get the animal out and keep them out. Installation of one-way doors will allow the animal to exit but not return. Access points are sealed off with mesh wire. Eventually the door is removed and the hole is sealed.


Another exclusion technique is trenching. This involves digging a trench around the base of a structure and lining it with materials that will prevent animal reentry.



Licensed by Department of Natural Resources


Pest Control Club is licensed by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).  We strive to use the most humane methods possible when handling wildlife removal, and work hard to keep our community safe.

Young raccoon stuck in a garbage container looking for food
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